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Research Interests

Dynamical Systems Theory with an emphasis on topological and numerical methods, Computational Topology, and applications to Biology, Medicine, Materials Science, and Physics

Education Ph.D. (Mathematics) Georgia Institute of Technology, Summer 2003
A Rigorous Numerical Method in Infinite Dimensions , Ph.D. dissertation
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M.S. (Mathematics) Emory University, Spring 1998
Chaotic Dynamics on Julia Sets for the Quadratic Family , M.S. dissertation

B.S. (Mathematics/Physics) Emory University, Spring 1998

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Principal Investigator on CAREER: Computational Dynamics and Topology.  NSF DMS 0955604, 2010-2015.

Principal Investigator on Dynamics at a Fixed Resolution.  NSF DMS 0811370, 2008-2011, (with one year extension).

co-Principal Investigator on the group grant CSUMS: Theory, Techniques, and Research in Computational Mathematics. NSF DMS 0703532, 2007-2012 (with one year extension).