Student Supervision

My research interests lie at the intersection of abstract algebra (typically groups) and combinatorics (typically graphs and/or finite geometries), that is, I like considering finite combinatorial objects through the lens of groups and groups through the lens of combinatorics. If you have interest in independent study and/or a potential research project, email me!

Students Supervised

Melissa Lee (Honours at The University of Western Australia, 2014), Relative Hemisystems on the Hermitian Surface, co-supervised with John Bamberg.
Publication from this work: A note on relative hemisystems of Hermitian generalised quadrangles, Designs, Codes and Cryptography 81 (1), 2016, 131–144.

Ryan Oppenheim (Monroe Scholars Program, 2016), On the covering number of S14, Involve, 12 (1), 2019, 89–96.

Torger Olson (EXTREEMS-QED, 2017), Transitive PSL(2,11)-invariant arcs in PG(4,q), Designs, Codes and Cryptography, to appear.

Yoongbok Lee (2017–2018 William & Mary Honors Fellow), Implementation and Analysis of the Nonlinear Decomposition Attack on Polycyclic Groups.

Santana Afton (Honors, 2017–2018), On prime order automorphisms of generalized quadrangles, submitted.

Cooper Spinelli (EXTREEMS-QED, 2018), Relative difference sets in nonabelian groups.

Gabrielle Tauscheck (Honors, 2018–2019), Automorphisms of strongly regular graphs.

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