Math 410-01, Topics in Computational Mathematics Spring, 2008


Day, Lewis, Li (coordinator), Shi, Torczon, Stathopoulos

Course description:

In the first two-three weeks, instructors will introduce different topics of computational mathematics arising from subjects such as numerical linear algebra, quantum computing, optimization, dynamical systems, and mathematical biology. Students will select topics; then study and present the material under the guidance of instructors. Students will then write short surveys (or papers if there are new discoveries) on the topics.

The class projects may lead to undergraduate research opportunity supported by NSF CSUMS program at William and Mary.

Here are the proposed topics:

Final grade will be based on (tentative):

     Class participation                                    25%
     Homework and evaluations                               25%
     Two presentations                                      30%
     Class project (Due: May 2)                             20%

Presentation schedule